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Beautiful Seaside Pine Forest Steeped in History
Senbon Matsubara is a beautiful forest made up of tens of thousands of pine trees, stretching around 10 km along the sea from the Kano River estuary to Tagonoura. Views of the evergreen pines, set against a snow-capped Mt. Fuji and dyed red by the sun setting over Suruga Bay are why Senbon Matsubara has been recognized as one of Japan’s top 100 beachside pine forests.

It is also steeped in history, having been the site of a battle between the Takeda Clan and the Later Hojo Clan in the late 1500s. Senbon Matsubara was razed in the fighting, but was later painstakingly rehabilitated over five years by Zoyo Shonin, a famed Buddhist monk. Senbon Matsubara has also been celebrated by several eminent cultural figures, and plaques have been dedicated to them in part of the forest that has been turned into a park.
Address 〒410-0306 静岡県沼津市
Access Approx. 10 minutes by bus from JR Numazu Station. Get off at Kannon-mae.
Car Park Senbon Matsubara Park Free Parking Lot
Remarks There is free parking at Senbon Matsubara Park.