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Fuji from All Angles

Facts about Fuji

At 3,776 m, Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and known the world over as a symbol of the country. Straddling Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, Fuji is actually an active volcano but is safe to hike. In July and August every year, people from all over scale its heights to take in the breathtaking views at the top. That’s to say nothing of the beauty of Mt. Fuji itself, towering over the surrounding landscape. Fuji is too spectacular to see just once, and Numazu offers some of the most stunning and varied views of this iconic mountain.

Start out your visit to Numazu with a quick-and-easy – but still excellent – preview of Mt. Fuji. After pulling into Numazu Station, head over to Plaza Verde, a convention complex that’s just a three-minute walk from the north exit. On the 5th floor, there’s a rooftop garden that offers a beautiful view of Fuji rising majestically over the city. The garden is free and open to all and showcases how the mountain serves as a backdrop to life in Numazu.

For a slightly unorthodox look at Mt. Fuji, take the 30-minute walk from Numazu Station down to Minatoohashi Bridge, near where the Kano River empties into Suruga Bay. Once on the bridge, look back up the river toward the city to discover your reward. On a clear day, you’ll see Mt. Fuji towering over Numazu and, if you’re lucky, you might even see it perfectly reflected in the flowing waters of the Kano River! How many people can say they’ve seen two Fujis at once?

You can also admire Mt. Fuji from above the city, on the very hike-able Mt. Kanuki. Start from the Kurose or Kanuki trailheads, each about 10 minutes by bus or 20-30 minutes by foot from Numazu Station. It’s an easy climb of about 50 minutes to the peak from either starting point and, near the top, there’s an elevated observation deck with great views of Numazu, Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji. If you time your trip right and go in spring, you’ll be able to enjoy the rare and most Japanese of sights – cherry blossoms set against a Fuji backdrop!

Perhaps the most stunning views of Mt. Fuji are from out on the waters in Suruga Bay. Cruises operated up to five times a day by Chidori Kanko Kisen will take you out on a 30-minute tour of the bay, where you can appreciate the sheer scale of Fuji as it rises up over the ocean. A longer, 70-minute tour is also available in the summer months. The cruises are run from Numazu Port, a 10-minute bus ride from Numazu Station. There’s no need to make a reservation so you can take in the sights around the port and enjoy fresh local seafood while waiting to see if conditions are right for a cruise.