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Let's be filled with delicious food!

Numazu is full of delicious food.Here are some shops that are loved by the locals.Let's be filled with delicious food!

Ready to have a bite to eat in the area most famous for Numazu’s signature cuisine down by the sea? Numazu Port has an impressive variety of seafood restaurants that are packed with visitors and locals alike every day, and any seafood fan will not be disappointed! 


Out of the many restaurants down here, “Senbon Ichi” restaurant has a spectacular view of the sea and Mount Fuji by the windows in the far corners of the interior. Located on the third floor in the same building as “Kamome Maru”, Senbon Ichi has a very traditional Japanese restaurant ambience with charms you can only find in Numazu. Warmly-lit Japanese lanterns, beautiful cedar wood architecture, and Japanese music dating back to the Edo period can be taken in while seated at one of their many tables. 


“Senbon Ichi” and “Kamomemaru” specialize in the “Numazu don”, which is a selection of fine cut fish caught straight from Suruga Bay Area served in a bowl over sushi rice. Their staff members will recommend mixing soy sauce and fresh wasabi on a separate plate to pour over the top of your donburi. 


Menu items range from appetizers like “sashimi” (raw sliced fish), “teishoku” (meal set consisting of soup and side dishes), “tempura” (deep fried seafood), and the like, but we recommend trying out their daily specials that cost anywhere between 1,000~2,500 yen.

Are you a ramen lover? Do you get excited over the idea of endless noodles? Looking for a place voted #1 in the prefecture with awards for great taste? Shofuku Ramen can answer all of your ramen cravings every time you visit! Located at the intersection leading to Numazu Port, you can sometimes see lines of people on weekdays or weekends alike, so it’s best to rock up early to get your hands on a delicious bowl of your choice.


Their menu ranges from “shoyu” (soy sauce) base, “miso” base, and “tonkotsu” (prok broth) base ramen, along with side dishes like “gyoza” (dumplings) and “chahan” (fried rice). Shofuku’s specialty is their signature pork broth “tonkotsu” ramen. If you order their standard tonkotsu ramen from the vending machine at the entrance, you’re in for a treat! When handing over your ticket to one of their friendly staff members, they will ask how you would like your soup, noodles, and amount of oil in the soup. When you’ve finished all of your noodles, just put up a hand and say, “suimasen, kaedama kudasai”! and a staff member will ask how you would like your noodles for round infinity! You can request to have them hard, normal, or soft every time so try out different textures!


Loved by locals and visitors alike, you don’t want to miss out on this!


Address Location URL:,138.8582828,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x9daf6ff82c8ee187!8m2!3d35.0847025!4d138.8582986


Address: 57-1 Senbonminatocho, Numazu, Shizuoka 410-0845

Do you love Chinese food? Looking for a place that offers food with plenty of volume at an astonishingly low and affordable price? Eager to try out a multitude of succulent menu items just a hop and a skip from the south exit of Numazu station? “Fuawei" has an answer to all of those questions and never disappoints when you’re looking for great Chinese cuisine. 


Branched from the famed restaurant “Wanmi” on the north side of Numazu, Fuawei proudly opened their doors to the public on November 15th, 2019. If you go during lunch time, the majority of their menu items are under 1000 yen, packed with a main dish of your choice, fresh green vegetables, pickles, egg-drop soup, and rice. They also bring you a lovely pot of oolong tea.


Fuawei has menu items ranging from meat dumplings, mabo tofu, shrimp chili, and chicken cashew stir fry. They also have  course menus suited for couples, and parties of 3+ people. Reservations can be made in advance as well. 


Located in the center of Numazu’s “Nakamise” area about a five minute walk from the station, Fuawei’s modern and metropolitan interior will draw your attention to want to sit in one of their seats for a delicious meal!


Address location:,138.8583123,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf4e04cceca504616!8m2!3d35.0999964!4d138.8583036


Address Location: 5 Chome-4-11 Otemachi, Numazu, Shizuoka 410-0801